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The official launch of ISAN Australia was held on 15th June 2006. If you were unable to attend or would like a launch kit, please email

Media Releases and Reports

Geneva, December 2011

ISAN-IA is glad to announce the opening of ARIBSAN US, the new US based ISAN Registration Agency, to assist American registrants in their ISAN operations. ARIBSAN US is located in Los Angeles, close to the major US studios.

Geneva, September 2011 - ISAN Finland is the new appointed ISAN Registration Agency for serving the Finnish territory. ISAN Finland has been founded by Tuotos, the Finnish Copyright Association representing over 500 independent Finnish film and audiovisual producers.

Geneva, May 2011Film Foundation of India has submitted an Expression of Interest for implementing an ISAN Registration Agency for the audiovisual market in the Indian territory. Film Foundation of India is a not for profit organisation promoting Indian films worldwide.

Geneva, August 2010 - ISAN Denmark has been appointed the ISAN Registration Agency for the Danish territory . ISAN Denmark was founded by Filmret, the Center for Rights of Danish Film and TV Producers.

Geneva, August 2010 - Beijing Institute of Coding for Resources (CCR) has submitted an Expression of Interest for implementing an ISAN Registration Agency in Mainland China. CCR was established in early 2010 by the Center for Cultural Market Development of the Ministry of Culture, Copyright Society of China and China Association for Standardization.

Geneva, November 2009 - The ISAN number has been made mandatory by EGEDA, the Spanish Audiovisual Producers’ Rights Management Association.

Geneva, October 7, 2008 ITV, one of the main private national broadcasters in Great Britain, is adopting ISAN for the content identification of all of its programs. This initiative, announced by ITV and ISAN UK, is in support of ITV’s digital strategy and will enable the tracking and monitoring of ITV content across multimedia platforms.

Geneva, September 2, 2008 –ISAN and V-ISAN standards will be linked to the new Chinese national standard for identification codes to be used in online video contents. The Chinese Ministry of Culture has announced that as part of a move to combat online piracy and protect intellectual property rights, China will promulgate new National Standards for the identification of online contents which will be compliant with ISO Standards, such as ISAN and V-ISAN for audiovisual works as well as ISWC (the International Standard Musical Works Code) for music and ISTC (the International Standard Text Code) for texts. The National Technical Committee for the Standardization of Information and Documentation (NTCSID) is currently working these standards, which will be sent to the Standardization Administration of China (SAC) – the Institution representing China to join ISO - for approval before November.

International, 26 September 2007 -

  • Philips and ISAN-IA working together
  • ISAN ITALIA, Italian future RA announced at the 64° Film Festival of Venice
  • ISAN expands to the Middle East, to Iran
  • ISAN Canada just been appointed
  • ISAN-IA joins as an associate member, the Digital Watermarking Alliance
  • the first internet VOD service using the ISAN codes
  • ISAN-IA licenses Microsoft’s New Multicolor High Capacity Bar Code for Identifying Audiovisual
    Works, and partner with Datatrace
  • ISAN conquers the high definition audiovisual world through Planet Earth!

Sydney, 5 September 2006 - The Australian Film Finance Corporation (FFC) today committed to their first acquisition of International Standard Audiovisual Numbers (ISAN) for 640 programs ( read more).

Sydney, 2 June 2006 - Film Finance Corporation Australia announces support for ISAN ( read more).

Sydney, May 15th 2006 ISAN Australasia announces launch details.

Geneva, April 24, 2006 - ISAN expands to cover video games ( read more).

Geneva, April 10, 2006- Soundmouse Ltd, The MCPS-PRS Alliance Ltd and the Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television UK (PACT), have jointly submitted today an Expression of Interest to become an ISAN Registration Agency in the UK (read more).

Geneva, March 1, 2006- Abramus has submitted an Expression of Interest to become a Registration Agency (read more).

Geneva, February 22, 2006- National Library of Serbia has submitted an Expression of Interest to become a Registration Agency (read more).

Geneva, February 2, 2006- The ISAN International Agency (ISAN-IA) is delighted to announce the opening of its seventh appointed Registration Agency, ARIBSAN. (read more).

Geneva, February 1, 2006- ISAN-IA appoints MICROSOFT as registration agency. (read more).

Geneva, October 14 2005 - ISAN Australasia is appointed as Regional Agency. (read more)