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Both individuals and organisations can apply for an account with ISAN Australasia. In applying for an account you should consider your needs. You may choose to open an account which will provide for different roles within your organisation.

There are two different kinds of ISAN users.


A registered reader is able to make detailed queries only. They can make two kinds of queries:

* By providing an ISAN the Reader accesses descriptive information about the work.

* By providing some or all of the descriptive information, the Reader is offered the corresponding ISAN for the work concerned. 

If insufficient information is provided or if the number of potential corresponding works is too high, the Reader is asked to refine their query.


An ISAN registrant is able to apply for the allocation of an ISAN to a work or works. In addition, the registrant can perform the same queries as a Registered Reader.

Create Account

To apply for an account with ISAN Australasia, please download and return this application form in PDF format.

Should you have any questions regarding this form, feel free to contact our Business Development Manager Darryl Robinson