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Serving Australia, New Zealand and English speaking “Pacific Island Nations”.

ISAN Australasia was founded by Screenrights and APRA/AMCOS to give the Australasian audio-visual industries access to the most efficient means of identifying and tracking their work in the global digital environment.

We are part of a worldwide network of ISAN Registration Agencies involved in issuing a unique identifying number to works created by the film and TV, music, games, advertising and software industries.

About Screenrights and APRA/AMCOS

Screenrights is the trading name of the Audio-Visual Copyright Society Limited, a non-profit copyright collecting society for producers, distributors, script writers, music copyright owners, rights owners in artistic works and sound recording, and other rights owners in film.

The Australasian Performing Association (APRA) is the non-profit association that collects and distributes Australian and New Zealand copyright royalties for music creators and publishers from around the world. APRA manages the reproduction rights business of its sister collecting society, Australian Mechanical Copyrights Owners’ Society (AMCOS). On behalf of its members, AMCOS grants licences for the reproduction of musical works. This involves collecting royalties from independent record companies, film-makers, educational institutions and others who record or reproduce music in some form.

About ISAN International Agency (ISAN - IA)

The ISAN International Agency (ISAN - IA), founded by AGICOA, CISAC and FIAPF, maintains the central database of ISANs and associated metadata, and appoints and coordinates a worldwide network of ISAN Registration Agencies (ISAN RAs), servicing authorised ISAN users. For more information please visit